Solution to the two-question, three-option conundrum?

The precedent comes from New Zealand which twice in the recent past has held referenda using two questions. The first, or “gateway” question was asked about the wish for change, the second gave a choice of alternatives. In Scotland’s case, the first question would be something like:
1. Do you wish to change Scotland’s present system of devolved… government? YES/NO

If more than 50% answer YES, the second question comes into play:

2. In the event that a majority of Scottish voters express a wish to change the present system of devolved government, which of the following two alternatives would you prefer: (PLACE A CROSS IN ONE, BUT ONLY ONE OF THE TWO BOXES PROVIDED)
(a) that Scotland should become an independent country
(b) that Scotland should adopt the system of government known as “devo max”, whereby the elected Scottish government has full powers of taxation, spending and borrowing, while control over defence and foreign affairs, and over currency, financial and monetary policy continues to be reserved to the Westminster government

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